Gause Built Boats - Tarpon Springs, FL

The Gause family doesn't just fish for fun. These folks are serious. It's in their blood, and goes back many generations. It's more than a sport, more than a living, it's the focus of the whole clan. And as you might guess, their boats are pretty important to them.

The Gause family has roots that run deep in Tarpon Springs. While the boats are built using todays technology, it's the history of this water community that can be seen in the look of the boat, and in the design meant to create a safe sturdy platform from which to work on the water, just as folks from Tarpon Springs have been doing for decades.

Whether it's monster tarpon you are after, or that snook hiding on a hole behind the flats, this fishing family has taken their many generations of experience and combined their knowledge to create the ideal fishing machine. While beautiful for their classic styling, the true beauty lies in how well thought out these boats are, and how easy they are to run and fish. Experience a slice of Tarpon Springs history, and come take a ride in a Gause Built boat.